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It's here before you know it

*Day 372

The Holiday kick-off is nearly 2 weeks away, it's coming sooner than later and I hope that I can be fully prepared for it. I'm heading back home this weekend and bringing with me the tools to finish making Holiday cheer for the gallery.  
It's been 371 days since the fire, actually, it was 372 days since I was in our home doing what I did, and that was anything that I wished to do.  
Today was the first day that I felt like cooking in all of the days that have passed since then,  many of my fall days were spent in the kitchen, especially Sundays.  I would spend the entire day baking and cooking meals with the night ending in vacuum packing everything I cooked that day.  The meals I prepared were stored in the freezer downstairs and used when one of us or both of us were out on the road, or if I didn't feel like cooking that day.
A few shipments of supplies are due tomorrow, I'm looking forward to getting them and starting in on the necklaces I've made for …

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